Neatly Installed 30mm Synthetic Grass At Magodo Phase 1 GRA, Lagos

This 30mm synthetic grass at Magodo Lagos is an insight into one of the wonders you can create with your exterior. No matter the size of the space.

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Preparation of The 30mm Synthetic Grass At Magodo Lagos.

We first had to clear the floor of dirt to make sure it is as clean as possible before installing the synthetic grass.

Because we carried out other renovations (both interior and exterior) on the building where this 30mm synthetic grass was installed, we had to delay the installation till the last stage.

Installation of The 30mm Synthetic Grass At Magodo Lagos.

During interior design and exterior upgrade projects, the site receives very heavy traffic from workers, vendors and inspectors alike.

We didn’t want to spoil the beautiful green synthetic grass or have any of our heavy tools and sharp edged materials to damage the lush green surface.

The synthetic grass was installed on a space of about 60 square meters.

The raw materials came in different shapes and sizes. With the help of our highly skilled installer, we were able to joint hem together into the beautiful and perfect finished work that you can see now.

Installation of 30mm Synthetic Grass At Magodo Lagos

More About The 30mm Synthetic Grass.

The 30mm synthetic grass is an innovative solution to your gardening problem. It is not your typical natural grass. It is artificial.

Synthetic grass is a beautiful and practical flooring alternative for balconies and roof terraces.

The multi-color polyethylene straight monofilament yarn, in combination with a polyethylene texturized yarn, acts as a support fiber to add mass and provide a durability and outstandingly soft result.

We don’t just sell synthetic grass. We also provide top quality professional installment services.

Final laying of the 30mm Synthetic Grass At Magodo Lagos (2)

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