Dazzling Interior Design At Omole Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria.

This Interior Design At Omole Phase 1 Lagos was done in February 2022.

We recognize that every piece of art has its own language, hence we take our time to create spaces to fit your personality.

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Project Build Up?

This client reached out to us for this interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos after seeing some of our executed projects on our social media page.

He scheduled an inspection at his property immediately after being impressed with some of our panel mould project executed at different locations.

Our quotation for the pop casting design and the gypsum plasterboard designs (which we recommended) was approved after 5 days from the inspection date, and we started work immediately.

Job Execution: Interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos.

We started this interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos job with the wall paneling.

Immediately we started installing the panel mould on some of the walls, we discovered that ceiling which is just a single decking ceiling would not fit.

So we suggested that we install durable POP designs in some of the affected spaces (living room & dining area) which had direct links to each other.

Our client accepted our recommendation and we started the wall paneling and the POP simultaneously.

This took us about 5 day to execute. Our client was so impressed with the outcome of this POP design & screeding finishing that he extended the job to 2 other rooms (1 anteroom and a bedroom).

interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos_pop ceiling with light on and panel walls
interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos from hall way

Dazzling Interior Design at Omole phase 1 Lagos Continues.

We paneled the living room, anteroom, dining area, a bedroom and a long walk way.

However, this interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos apartment already had tiles with wooden skirting design. We immediately suggested the installation of floor skirting panels of 10cm on all the spaces that we worked on.

This floor skirting panels blended perfectly with the wall panel design that was already installed on the walls of the apartment.

We also built a white glossy high definition (HDF) TV console in the living room.

When we finished with all the above described jobs, our client was so satisfied with the quality of our job that he contracted us with the painting of the entire space that we worked on.

This wasn’t even part of our initial agreement.


Finishing of the interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos...

This painting job required the preparation of all of the surfaces that we had work on.

We noticed some irregularities with some parts of the walls and we used about 2 days to make all surfaces smooth before painting.

We had to prime the walls before painting in order to eliminate porous portions of the surface before coating the walls with our high quality paints.

We applied about 3 layers of silk paints on the walls and on the ceilings we used high quality matte emulsion paints.

This Interior Design Project In Numbers...

This interior design at Omole phase 1 Lagos required the use of about 85 square meters of gypsum plasterboard to create all the POP designs.

For the panel mould design, we used about 360 meters length of 4cm panel mould for the entire project.

86.6meters of wall panel skirting was also used in between the wall and the tiles.

We also used 18 pairs of small ornaments as corners on the edges of most of the panels.  All these corners on the panel mould were carefully painted in Gold.

The outcome of this wall design guided with the choice of furniture that was put in the space.

One thing we must mention about this project is the fact that the client made 100% payment before the project was completely executed.

Full payment was made while we were 75% through with the project. Our client had no doubt that we will finish the job in a perfect way.

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