Detailed Laminated Wooden Flooring Executed At Magodo Phase 1 GRA, Lagos.

We installed this laminated wooden floor as a replacement for a previously existing ceramic floor tiles.

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Laminated Wooden Floor Installation.

We installed this beautiful laminated wooden floor in the two (2) living rooms, a 2-way stairs and the master bedroom of a 5-bedroom duplex at Magodo phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria.

To achieve perfection, we first removed the 10cm Skirting of the existing ceramic tiles, clear the floor of dirt, placed an underlay for protection, before installing the Laminate Wooden Flooring.

Installation or laminated wooden flooring executed at Magodo Phase 1 GRA, Lagos.

After the installation of the Laminate flooring, we then had to fix a 10cm panel mould Skirting, which helped to enhance the edges of the wooden floor.

On the stairs, we also had to install step profiles to convert the joints on the stairs. This is a great way to expand your beautiful floor onto your staircase.

The Detailed Laminated Wooden Flooring At Magodo Phase 1 GRA, Lagos

The finishing of this laminated wooden flooring executed at Magodo phase 1 GRA

On the spaces where we have doors, we had to install door profiles to serve as stoppers for the Laminate wooden flooring.

If you have been thinking of how to uplift your space, installing a laminated wooden floor might be the perfect way to go. Contact us now.

Installation execution on the stairs sometimes may be abit cumbersome which is why we have a
a fixed cost for the stairs unlike the ordinary floors. However, this entire process of laminated wooden flooring executed at magodo phase 1 Lagos was a smooth one.


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