Check Out Our Luxurious POP False Wall Design, At Magodo G.R.A. Phase 1.

The construction of this latest pop false wall design at Magodo phase 1 was executed in March 2022.

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Project Build Up?

On this project, we designed 3 POP false walls in a 4 bedroom duplex apartment.

We had one of the designs at the living room downstairs, another at the living room upstairs and the third one at the master’s bedroom upstairs.

This latest pop false wall design at Magodo phase 1 Lagos took us just 3 days to construct.

After construction, we had to execute the finishing with a very delicate neat screeding and electrification, which extended our job on the site for another 2 days.

Our Latest POP False Wall Design at Magodo Phase 1 In Numbers

The Wall Treatment Needs.

  1. This project was executed with 10 gypsum boards.
  2. 20 Partition Profiles.
  3. 29 Corner Beads.
  4. 34 Angles.
  5. 5 Packets (1000 Each) of Black Screws.
  6. Several Fish Plugs & Tornado Nails.
Our Team preparing the latest pop false wall design at magodo phase 1
Men at work at our latest pop false wall design at magodo

More About POP False Wall Design

For POP false wall design execution, we do not charge per square meter. Unlike the gypsum boards ceilings and plaster board ceilings. We’ll rather work with reasonable and negotiable charges for the satisfaction of our clients.

In some cases, we prefer to use gypsum boards because their edges and dimensions are more accurate. As compared to cast POP, Gypsum boards are also quicker to construct and they come out neater.

We have noticed overtime that whenever we construct POP False Walls using gypsum boards, the end results comes out better in already existing homes because the already polished floors are not messed up after the job is done.

In a scenario when some clients request for the cast POP designs because they are cheaper, we get the best POP materials, the screeding paints, the fillers, and everything required to achieve the best results for our clients.

If you looking to the perfect wall treatments to uplift your space using gypsum boards or with POP materials, we have got the best professional installers to help you achieve the best results.

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What is POP False Ceiling?

POP false ceilings are made of POP powder.

The POP powder is applied on chicken net that provides mechanical strength. The POP powder is mixed with water onsite and then applied on the mesh that is attached to local metal framing system; there is a high chance of wastage during this process.

Gypsum boards and Plaster of Paris (POP) are two of the most commonly used materials for creating a false ceiling.

Gypsum and POP share some properties, such as being bulky, heat-insulating, and fire-retardant.

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