See Our Durable SPC Flooring Installation In Ipaja Lagos.

This SPC flooring installation in Ipaja Lagos was completed in December 2021 within a period of 2 days.

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About SPC Flooring Installation in Ipaja Lagos?

SPC is the abbreviation of stone plastic (or polymer) composite and its core material typically comprised of around 60% calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers.

From the name STONE PLASTIC, one can tell that this type of flooring is very durable. SPC flooring has a very hard density which makes it tough in order to sustain foot traffic and it is 100% water resistant. It is also very resistant to impacts, stains, scratches, and wear and tear.

Floor Treatment Approach.

Installation of the SPC Flooring Installation In Ipaja Lagos

Installation of this SPC flooring was done on the stairs of the premises and the profiling was finished by our top notch floor treatment installers.

Initially, the client wanted us to install the popular laminated wooden flooring but when we informed him about some of the advantages of the SPC over laminated wooden flooring. He was very interested and decided to opt in for the SPC flooring installation in Ipaja Lagos.

The first image taken after SPC Flooring Installation In Ipaja Lagos

Difference between SPC flooring and Laminated wooden flooring.

If you are not a professional or someone who has a great knowledge about laminated wooden flooring and SPC flooring, it will be very difficult for you to visually differentiate between both floor treatments.

While there are lots of similarities between laminated wooden flooring and the SPC flooring installation in Ipaja Lagos, there are plenty differences between these two types of flooring treatments.

Laminated wooden flooring is just about 50-70% water resistant.

One amazing thing about this SPC flooring installation in Ipaja Lagos is that it has a great re-sale value. If our client intends to relocate from one spot to another at any time, we can make arrangement for remove and re-installing.


Learn more about our SPC flooring installation at Ipaja Lagos.

The durability and composition of our SPC flooring installation at Ipaja Lagos makes it slightly more expensive than laminated wooden flooring.

SPC flooring is also much easier to install because of the click and lock mechanism in it. As compared to the installation of laminated wooden flooring.

For the thickness of both flooring treatments, SPC flooring is lighter between 1.5mm to 5mm thickness while laminated wooden flooring is about 6mm to 12mm.

And if the SPC is well maintained, it can last for a very long time. Although, laminated wooden flooring also last for a long time but the SPC system last longer.

Make the right choice today. Contact us, and choose to install either of the SPC flooring or Laminated wooding flooring from Topchoice Interiors and Properties.

You will enjoy durable and long-lasting installations in your home.

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