Beautiful Stretch Ceiling Design At Ajamimogha, Warri. July 2021

This project consists of 5 separate stretch ceiling designs in a large hall with each size having a dimension of 1.5m by 3m.

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What Is A Stretch Ceiling?

A stretch ceiling design is a type of elastic canvas used as decoration, beautification and lighting up of an interior ceiling. This simply means that it is very flexible in how it can be used.

The stretch ceiling can accommodate any kind of lighting, ventilation or alarm system. It can also be shaped into a myriad of forms such as curves, waves, and arches.

Ceiling Treatment Approach.

Execution of this stretch ceiling design at Ajamimogha, Warri.

Every project comes with its own unique customization. And for this reason, our it is of extreme importance that we carry our client along on every aspect of the interior design or property development project that we execute.

We were privileged to inspect this project site while construction was ongoing, and we made request to our client that our stretch ceiling design will require an additional depth of 0.1m on the POP (plaster of Paris).

2 Topchoice Interiors construction installing plywood on the stretch ceiling design at ajamimogha

Installation process of the stretch ceiling design at Ajamimogha, Warri.

The POP (plaster of Paris) installation was perfectly executed and our requested stretch ceiling space was wide open with an uncovered background.

Before the installation of the materials required for this stretch ceiling design at ajamimogha, our first action was to implement the covering of the open background with a half inch of durable plywood.

To hold the stretch ceiling in place, we used a high quality aluminum profile.

After confirming the solidity of our stretch ceiling, we started fixing the lightening. We used both single & multiple colored Strip LED lights to help brighten up the stretch ceiling image. 


Finishing of the stretch ceiling design at Ajamimogha.

Sometimes, the quality of lights required may vary. This depends on the design and color of the decorative vinyl film to be installed in this interior ceiling.

Thereafter, we began the lightening installation. The ceilings was stretched over the opened POP space and we covered up the profile edges for a proper trim.

Picking a warm glossy finish for this stretch design ceiling helps to visually enlarge the space of the rooms. If you step inside this finished space, you’ll just need to look up in order to appreciate the beautiful reflection of the stretch ceiling interior installation.

This type of stretch ceiling design at ajamimogha requires no preparation of the existing ceiling surface.
For instance, if you have no regular drywall ceiling in the basement and want to cover all those pipes and cables, go ahead and have our friendly professionals install a stretch ceiling system and save on the regular drywall ceiling installation, plaster and paint along the way.

Make the right choice today. Contact us, and go with stretch ceiling systems – an attractive, affordable, and long-lasting solution for your home.

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