Nicely Finished Stretch Ceiling Design At Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A.

The dimension for this stretch ceiling design projects is 2m by 2.5m.

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About Stretch Ceiling Design?

It no longer news that stretch ceiling design is one of the most popular designs that home owners pefer to use in their space these day. And that cannot be far from the multiple usage optitons that stretch ceiling provides us with.

The two basic components of stretch ceiling are known as the perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track and the stretch ceiling design concept can be used as light diffusers, creating different typws of shapes, for wall coverings and also floating panels.

Ceiling Treatment Approach.

Execution of our stretch ceiling design at Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A.

Unlike the stretch ceiling design at ajamimogha, Warri, it took us less than 48 hours to prepare the space with lightening, aluminum profile and then stretch the ceilings design execution.

But like every of our projects, our clients give us access to the site and on this occasion, we also had the opportunity to inspect the site 2 months before design execution. During the inspection, we specifically instructed the POP (plaster of Paris) workers to allow for an exact space dimension of 2m by 2.5m where the stretch ceilings design will be fixed.

Installation Stretch Ceiling Design At Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A

Installation process of the stretch ceiling design at Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A.

We had a slight challenge just before installation of this stretch ceiling design at Benin City.

As we returned to the site about a month after we had gone for inspection, we noticed that the work done by the POP (plaster of Paris) guys was not perfect.

We had given them our exact dimension but we still noticed but we noticed that the edges of the opening was not solid or thick enough and also the dimensions were not accurate.

Some major amendments had to be made as we advised that the edges be reinforced with more pop materials & given the appropriate dimensions.

Perfection is of importance to us because we like to deliver a standard job to all of our clients, irrespective of the challenges that come with each project.

Inspection of Ongoing Stretch Ceiling Design At Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A

Finishing of the stretch ceiling design at Benin City Meridian Hotels G.R.A.

All amendments were done and allowed to dry properly after which we returned back to site some weeks later.

We effortlessly installed the profile type of stretch ceilings as seen in the pictures and then, we started the installation of the stretch pop ceiling.

Another important fact that cannot be left out is the wonderful hospitality we got from the Meridian Hotels in Benin City G.R.A. Through out our project execution, the management accommodated us in their prestigious hotel. This enabled us to work day and night, in order for us to deliver the project in good time.

Are you looking to give your space a perfect uplift today? You can contact us, and we will deliver a world class stretch ceiling systems. The perfect, most affordable, and long-lasting solution for your home.

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